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The Difference Between Anger & Abuse: Coping With Anger in Healthy Ways
A Guide for Parents, Caregivers, Educators, Counsellors, and Other Helpers to Talk about Difficult Topics
by Dallas Shirley

WOODLAND WISDOM BOOKS were created to support parents, caregivers, educators, counsellors, and other helpers in the community to navigate difficult subjects with children. As a Children's Counsellor, I am often asked, "How do I talk to a child about (insert difficult subject here)?" I wanted to provide resources that talk about the issue the child is going through with honest and age-appropriate language that also guides the reader on how to help the child process their thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. Working in non-profit agencies, I recognize resources are not always available to fund enough staff to meet the need in the community. I wanted to create resources that will be helpful to children who are on waitlists to receive counselling services. My hope is that these books will also reach children who may never end up attending counselling. Woodland Wisdom Books start with a guide for the readers then the story begins. The characters of Woodland Woods tell tales of struggles, triumphs, and wisdom. The books end with exercises providing further ideas for healthy ways to deal with difficult issues.

Dallas is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who provides Children's Counselling and Family Counselling for non-profit organizations. She completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology, and then trained in grief and loss and play therapy. Along with volunteering for a couple of different community supports and a year volunteering on a local crisis line, Dallas was fortunate to volunteer with a children's hospice for ten years. Through this role, she was able to provide bereavement support to families. Dallas created the program for and facilitated the very first "Youth Bereavement Group" at the hospice. Other groups that Dallas has co-facilitated, have been: * Numerous Children’s Grief Support Groups * “Superflex” for children dealing with executive functioning difficulties * “Children of Greatness” for children dealing with feelings of depression and anxiety * “Children In Between” for children dealing with divorce and separation * “Children Who Witness Abuse” * “Freedom from Abuse in Relationships” for adults * “Connect Parent Group” for adults Dallas is passionate and dedicated to making the world a better place, and she believes that if children are provided healthy ways to express their thoughts and feelings, this could make a significant impact on the future of our world.


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