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Fiction, Sexuality, Humour, Buddhism, Secret organizations, Mystical, Marriage

The Resolution
by J. J. Sykora

Ron Lee is known for his New Year’s resolutions, but as midnight approaches on New Year’s Eve, 2014, he’s coming up dry. Then, in a burst of alcohol-infused genius, it comes to him: a way to satisfy both his compulsion to keep resolutions and his unquenchable lust for Brandi, his beautiful wife of twenty years. He resolves to make love to her every day of 2015.

Brandi has her doubts, but soon adapts to the resolution with relish...and then some. Ron, on the other hand, discovers he’s woefully unprepared for the physical and mental challenges and changes brought on by the resolution. Still, he’s nothing if not stubborn. With help from friends, professionals, and (much to his own astonishment) the purple-haired clerk at the local sex shop and a Tibetan Yogi, Ron perseveres. And as the days pile up, the resolution takes on astonishing new dimensions, taking Ron and Brandi on a transformational spiritual journey. Along the way they discover what it means to be human, the power of mindfulness, and how sex can be a gateway to enlightenment. The resolution provides Ron with uncharacteristically profound personal insights, but its effect on Brandi is truly life-changing, and reveals secrets from her past that will change her life forever...and the world for the better.

The Resolution is a raunchy, thought-provoking, engaging, and very funny account of one amazing year in the life of one ordinary married couple, as they discover there’s far more to love, sex, and being human than they ever thought possible.

J. J. Sykora lives in Calgary, with his wife of twenty-three years and the youngest of their three children. His scientific background, inquisitive nature, relentless search for humour in any situation, love of a good yarn, belief that we humans are more than the sum of our parts, and (most of all) true love of his wife, led him to write The Resolution, his first novel. He’s currently working on a sequel.


J. J. Sykora

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