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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

dreams, farm yard, cheese, parents and grandparents, dream adventures, imagination, bedtime stories

The Girl Who Loved Cheese
by Bob Desautels and Ava Desautels Barr

Ava loves cheese.

In fact, she loves cheese so much it’s quite possible that one day she might actually turn into cheese!

Join Ava on her adventures (real and imaginary):

from her grandparents’ house . . .

to school . . .

and to the local dairy farm—

where it becomes a dreamy surprise!

The Girl Who Loved Cheese is a fun adventure story for young readers—Anglophone and Francophone alike! It’s a great book for learning French as a second language.

Co-authors Ava Desautels Barr and Bob Desautels are a granddaughter-and-grandfather team. Their first book, The Girl Who Loved Cheese, came about at dinner one evening when Ava had an idea that her grandpa thought was so marvellous that it was book-worthy! Together, with the help of their illustrator Gillian Wilson, they wrote and published this fun and imaginary story about a girl who really loves cheese! Prendre plaisir!


Bob Desautels
Ava Desautels Barr
Gillian Wilson

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