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Self-Mastery, Personal growth, SMART goals, Lifelong learning, Growth mindset, Leadership, Business of life

Big Dreams Don't Just Happen
Challenge the Status Quo. Re-new Your Mind. Re-envision Your Future. Re-define Your Goals. by Avril Riley

In Big Dreams Don’t Just Happen, Organizational Leadership Strategist

and Coach, Avril Riley shares personal stories of failures and victories,

and believing in one’s power to adapt to the rapidly shifting conditions

of the contemporary world. She draws from her decades of leadership

to provide readers with strategies and techniques to operate their

personal life as a business. Leading you to lead your world.

Power-filled principles include:

• Creating Your Vision

• Understanding the Past

• Managing the Present

• Leading from the Future

• 6 Steps Growth Goal Model™

If you desire to take control of your life, grow and develop in professional

and business leadership, Big Dream’s Don’t Just Happen can help you. It

provides key strategies that will prepare you to meet the 21st century

challenges and develop competencies such as resilient, creative,

adaptive, and visionary leadership.

Avril Riley has provided over twenty years of leadership in Fortune

500 organizations. She has won several team and leadership awards,

and was recently honored as a Role Model Canadian by the Diversity

Advancement Network.

Avril is the President of a leadership consulting company, CHRYSOLITE®

Consulting and Founder of Women in Business and Leadership Network

(WIBL), which inspire and empower women through transformational

retreats and coaching for growth. In pursuit of Personal Mastery, and

a lifelong learner, she is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Education

with a leadership specialization. Avril lives in Canada with her husband.


Avril Riley

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