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The 4 Main Welding Techniques
Learning Through Instructions & Projects
by James Davies Sr.

This book, through combinations of illustrations and wording, is designed to safely inform any individual interested in acquiring the safest and correct methods in learning how to weld in any of the four methods shown. With over 50 years in the field of welding I have come across many methods for quickly learning how to weld. Unfortunately there are those who have used the method of just seeing something done is all they need to know. This is wrong! You must first know the complete correct methods required, before acquiring the ability. Smart individuals know and understand in advance what the results are of what they are about to do. If in doubt about anything, never be afraid to question what you have seen or are being asked to do!

The intent of this book is to first 'Safely' and then 'Correctly', in what I have found to be the easiest order and methods to follow in acquiring the best ability for developing the proper methods for the 'four most common fields of welding' you will encounter during your time learning to weld. This one word I constantly emphasize during your exposure to this rewarding field, like any other profession or trait you desire to acquire, is REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION! Remember that your safety, as well as those around you, is always priority one with ability naturally being your final reward. We are all on the endangered species list. Be careful so that you, or anyone else, does not add your name to the list! Always think things through thoroughly first, by way of building it inside of your head before starting! Good Luck.

Having over 50 years of actual hands on, as well as teaching the applications within this book, I have put together what I believe are the safest and best ways in acquiring these techniques. Most of the trades in industry desire their employees to acquire a second capability, with recognized correct welding ability being the preferred method chosen. Within the book you will find that I have taken my profession further and used it over the years as a method for creating metal art, for me a rewarding form of relaxation. I have always like to tell those interested that you are only limited by the size of your own imagination.


James Davies Sr.
Charles Davies
Colton Davies

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