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Freedom and Justice: The Trial of General K cover

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Courthouse, Verdict, Waiting, Political history, Dictator, Justice, Trial

Freedom and Justice: The Trial of General K
The Triumph of a Nation by C. O. T. Appiah

It is a momentous day in the struggle of the people of the proud nation of Ogyakrom as they await the verdict of an historic trial. General K, once a dictator who held tight the reins of power, now sits deflated, awaiting his sentence in the final years of his life. Outside the courthouse, another old man waits among the crowd, having recently returned from forty-five years in exile. For him, the trial is more than simply the end of a brutal regime. As he watches those gathered to await the verdict, he reflects on how his country has changed in his absence, and how the events that led to his banishment seem nearly lost in the river of time. Gone is the nation he once knew. With this trial, have they finally achieved the words long held dear by its people? Have they truly reached the era of freedom and justice?

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C.O.T. Appiah is an author and a teacher of English composition and literature at Lane College. He lives with his wife Loretta in Jackson, Tennessee, and enjoys reading and traveling.


C. O. T. Appiah

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