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Transitioning to adulthood, Planning for success, Delayed transition, Transition planning, Career developing, Models of transition, Young adulthood

Uneasy Arrival
Facilitating the Transition of Young Adults by Jonas Darko-Yeboah

Change is hard. Whether you’re changing jobs, moving from one country to another, or simply struggling to grow up in a world that is growing increasingly complex, making successful transitions can seem overwhelming.

Studies have shown that, in Canada, young people are transitioning into functional adulthood much later than their counterparts from previous generations, to the detriment of their future successes in life.

With a particular focus on helping young people in this transition into adulthood, Uneasy Arrival takes a look at the challenges all people face during times of change, examining and identifying some of the causes, and offering simple and quantifiable solutions, for both those who are transitioning and the people trying to help.

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Born and raised in the Akan culture of Ghana, West Africa, Jonas Darko-Yeboah came to Canada when he was 37 years old. He graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta in 1990, and was a practising psychologist until his retirement in 2015.

As an educator and retired psychologist, the author draws on 30 years of learning from and mentoring of young adults, including his own, to share his experiences of how young adults transition into adulthood.

With his special combination of psycho-educational knowledge, research, and mentorship, Jonas Darko-Yeboah is particularly well suited to share his insights on the struggles and successes of young adults going through transitions.


Jonas Darko-Yeboah

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