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Basic Organic Chemistry, High School Science, Study Guide, Post-Secondary Science Preparation, Chemistry and Diet, Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry and Health

Journey into Chemistry
A Logical Approach to Understanding Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
by Evelina Cohn

Journey into Chemistry is a clear guide to easier comprehends chemistry, particularly challenging structures. It is designed for middle through high school students and is also open for students who are interested in pursuing medical, as well as, research field. It contains 49 colored figures which showed ease in the interpretation of the text. There is no barrier between Chemistry and Biochemistry going from the natural explanation of the atom structure to more complicated molecules, with examples of everyday life. Every chapter has a part dedicated to health and diet. Thus, it makes the reader aware of the importance of the compounds in everyday day life.

The book depicts a character, Evelix, which is an atom of hydrogen. Evelix can make friends by using hydrogen properties. This simple way of understanding Chemistry makes the reading funnier, and easier to understand.

Journey into Chemistry is a modern resource to master the fundamentals of chemistry. Recommended for high school students drowning in technical jargon from obsolete textbooks. Dr. Cohn's candid approach to complex chemistry concepts is a breath of fresh air. Structures, properties, and reactions are explained using clear examples and coherent diagrams. A great reference for any budding scientist.

Karen Young, MS. PhD

Principal Medical Writer

The Savvy Scientist LLC

Chicago IL

Journey into Chemistry is concise and easy to understand for students, and I am sure it will be very useful for students. Obviously, you have spent a great deal of time writing it.

Ahilan Raman

Director of Clean Energy and Water Technologies

Melbourne, Australia

Evelina Cohn photo

Dr. Cohn is a research scientist with experience and contributions in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Microbiology, with significant accomplishments in biochemical separations. Separation for the first time of Fir bark lectin, a new procedure for separation of serum glycoproteins and their role in diagnostic of certain neurodegenerative diseases including Multiple Sclerosis are her significant accomplishments.

Dr. Cohn is co-inventor of a patent on apoptosis methods using penetrable peptides, and inventor of a provisional patent regarding Ternion Gelate nanostructured material. She sees the journey into chemistry as an important step stone for everybody that want to embrace chemistry or to pass the chemistry tests successfully.


Evelina Cohn

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