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Roman Tkachuk, Sophie Tkachuk, Ukrainian settlers, Ukrainian family in Canada, Historical fiction, Social classes in 20th century Canada, Canadian family life in 1900s

Life is a Dance, Step One
by GreenBranch Dorothy Phyllis Miller

Life leaves a mark-a limp-a scar...

in exchange for a song-a kiss-a star...

Author, GreenBranch, aka Dorothy Phyllis Miller, writes this historical novel based on a true story in moving scenes depicting the life of a young woman born to an immigrant family, who faces prejudice, traumatic deaths, upheaval and shocks with innocence and artlessness-lessons learned by which readers may benefit or share.

Entertaining and instructive, you will want to follow this true story (enhanced by some fiction to mellow the drama.) to the surprising end.

In the literary world, the author's Canadian magazine, Single Minded, published in the late 1980's, received good reviews; was sold to Singles USA in Ohio in 1987.

Cinda Petersen, (quoted on History & Early Reviews Page of MS)

Rosalind Turner, "

Nicholas Wescott, "

Working as a ghost-writer, Ms. Miller can turn your life story into an exciting drama as well! In English or translated into Spanish, Ukrainian, or French.

Privileged to visit many countries, Ms. Miller now lives in Newberg, Oregon, with husband, Archie, and car, Molly Killmouski, where she was inspires to create a new art form, Naturart TM. examples of which appear at

Preferring to be called Dee, she makes a point to learn something new each day and offers her advice to readers, as follows: "Get hoof advice!"


GreenBranch Dorothy Phyllis Miller

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