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Addiction, Alcoholism, Domestic abuse, Mental health, Nursing, Rape, Depression

Sorrows Can Swim
by Ngan Huynh

This raw and powerful autobiography follows the life of a registered nurse who turns to alcohol to help chase away her demons brought on by persistent physical and mental domestic abuse, rape, workplace bullying, and deteriorating mental health.

At first, it seems like a magic cure, and she is able to live nearly a normal life. But as the siren call of the bottle increases, her dependence on drinking grows. Soon she is unable to work, and what was left of her social life disappears. After attempting suicide and spending time recovering in the hospital, she begins her long and difficult road to recovery, focused on building a new life.

Sorrows Can Swim is a dramatic reminder that addiction and trauma can affect anyone, even those educated in how to treat them. It is a rallying cry for those fighting addiction and dealing with trauma, and brings an inspiring message of hope for us all.

"It is a raw and emotional story that in some place is deeply disturbing, but by the end, it contains a ray of hope through the author’s ability to persevere and take steps towards recovery…I applaud the bravery and strength it must have taken to write and share it.” - Editor’s Review

Ngan Huynh is an author and registered nurse who continues to practice nursing in a variety of settings. She facilitates classes in her hospital to promote trauma informed care for her patients and self-care wellness class for her colleagues. She lives with her partner in a small town in Canada, where she enjoys art, cooking and learning how to play musical instruments. She continues her recovery from trauma and addiction, and credits her therapist, Dr. Burt, with helping her reach for a second chance. This is her first book.


Ngan Huynh

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