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DIY home remedies, Life hacks, Weight loss tips, Healthy hair, Healthy skin, Organic remedies, Tested home remedies

Ayesha’s DIY Home Remedies and Life Hacks
by Ayesha Malik

Home remedies are becoming a thing of the past, overshadowed by expensive curatives and trendy, exotic-sounding fix-alls that often do more harm than good. As a society, we are quick to dismiss traditional wisdom as old-school and not worth remembering ... or rediscovering.

With Ayesha’s DYI Home Remedies and Life Hacks, Ayesha Malik takes her readers back to basics, with simple, organic, and inexpensive remedies and life hacks, all of which she has tested herself, over the course of two full years of research.

Whether you’re looking to heal or improve some physical ailment, like aching joints or poor digestion, or more interested in helpful household cleaning and gardening tips that won’t break your bank or damage the environment, this book offers simple, do-it-yourself answers that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

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Ayesha Malik has always had a passion for nature and healthy living. Like most people, she has had her share of health issues, but decided that relying on medication for a lifetime was not an answer. It wasn’t until she dedicated herself to living life as organically as possible, free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, that she discovered the real power of simplicity and personal wisdom.

As well as helping friends and families to understand the importance of organic living, she enjoys reading, travelling, and photography, and is quick to sing the praises of our nation’s capital, where she currently lives with her husband, Naveed, their daughter, Ameera, and their two dogs, Buddy and CoCo.


Ayesha Malik

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