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Dinky Days
by Roz Mcgrath

Dinky, a spunky 8 lb. Jack Russell terrier, is a lucky dog who attends her owners kindergarten class every Friday. She is the perfect classroom assistant who helps the teacher, Ms. McGrath, teach her class how to read, do math, do science experiments, learn computer skills, sing, dance and learn games! These five and six year olds have fun writing and sharing stories about Dinky, complete with drawings. Written in Dinky's own voice, she tells her story of how she became known as the beloved school mascot at Mesa Union School located in Somis, California. She attended school for 8 years until Ms. McGrath retired in 2003. She will go down in history as the renowned "Teachers pet" of a very special school!

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Roz McGrath and Dinky lived on a family farm in Camarillo, Ca. with four other dogs while teaching at Mesa Union School. As the eldest of ten children, Roz lives in the family home surrounded by wildlife and diverse agriculture. She obtained her B.A. in Fine Arts from Dominican University in San Rafael, Ca. and her M.A. in Early Childhood Education from San Francisco State University. After retiring from teaching in 2003, she learned to play the Celtic harp, became a Master Gardener and took French classes. She continues to teach Women's History for adults, travel and write about her beloved dogs and her family's history. Dinky passed in 2007 so Ms. McGrath was determined to write a book in her memory and pass on Dinky's incredible story to all children. This unique dog will leave a place in your heart as it did Ms. McGrath's.


Roz Mcgrath

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