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Self-realization, Hurt of suffering, Mind, Reality, Unconditional source, Connectiveness, Divine Living Current

Revealing Your Secret
A Way to Divine Self-Realization by Gerard Tylor

“It began around the age of thirty, when I noticed an almost constant dissatisfaction arising within. I had at that point, a loving family, friends, home, health, an occupation, and all the requirements of living the so-called good life. Why, I asked myself, besides the rare flashes of momentary relief and satisfaction, am I basically unhappy and experiencing some form of suffering most of the time? As I observed and questioned others around me, they too privately admitted to be unhappy and dissatisfied, which brought up a most important question: What is It that prevents the state of happiness from being self-realized? Over the years I came to understand that it is indeed possible to free and liberate yourself from what is commonly unnoticed by most, and that is your own falsely created identity that you call “self”. I came to realize that you are always- already established in unity with Being itself and can never possibly be separated from its source. Your part? Apply the way of self-realizing this eternal and ever- present relationship of Oneness with Reality itself, and surrender to its self-existing and self-radiant nature of blissful happiness as your own real and true self-state.”

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Gerard Tylor presently lives a quiet life in Lake Country, overlooking beautiful Kalamalka Lake, in the Okanagan Valley, and spends part of his time in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Gerard Tylor
Sharon Buydens
Verena Velten

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