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Young adult fiction, Fantasy, Demons, Heroic lineage, Parallel worlds, Syria, Canada

The Pegasi Chronicles
Book 2: The Portal by Allan McCarville

It has been less than a year since eleven-year-old Jason Carver’s parents were murdered by one of the Rewera, a malicious breed of immortal humans possessed by ancient demons. With the help of his uncle Richard, Jason was able to defeat his murderous enemy, and has since tried to return to a “normal” boyhood. However, school life isn’t easy for him, and not only does he have to deal with the school bully, but a far more sinister threat lurks just on the horizon: the Rewera still want him dead, because unbeknownst to Jason, he is a Pegasi: a mortal imbued with the sacred power of banishing evil.

The Rewera return in full force in The Pegasi Chronicles: The Portal to eradicate the Pegasi threat and contaminate Earth with their evil. Not only do they have a diabolical plan to exterminate Jason, but they also seek to open a portal between their plane and the human world in order to summon more of their kind. As part of the Rewera’s strategy, an innocent, twelve-year-old boy from Syria becomes a sacrificial pawn; this boy, Ari, must undergo a horrific process of corruption that will transform him into Jason’s future killer. If the Rewera have their way, both Jason and Ari face an agonizing death. The only person with the knowledge and skill to save them is Richard, whose own complicated and violent past is revealed in the process. Expanding the rich mythology of the Pegasi and Rewera that began in The Sacred Knife, author Allan McCarville brings us the next installment in his exciting new series. The battle between good and evil intensifies, unveiling dark secrets and pulling more innocent lives into a web of building chaos.

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Allan McCarville has written a number of technical papers on food safety and international food trade before writing for the teen/young adult audience. In addition to the Pegasi Chronicles series, he is also writing the Benning Brothers mystery series, which follows the adventures of two brothers in the small coastal village of Jasper Cove. Allan McCarville resides in Stittsville, Ontario with his wife and family. Information on his books can be found on his website;


Allan McCarville

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