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Book Details:
  • 44 pages
  • Standard Color
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)
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  • eBook (epub, pdf)
  • Paperback
  • 978-1-5255-0644-4 eBook
  • 978-1-5255-0643-7 Paperback

the Tooth Fairy, teeth, losing baby teeth, brushing your teeth, taking care of your teeth, dental care for children, fairy tales

The Tale of the Tooth Fairy by Ian Wilms

In a magical, faraway land the Tooth Fairy is busy making healthy big teeth for children after collecting their baby teeth. But one person doesn’t like what the Tooth Fairy and the people of the Pearly White City are doing: the evil Prince Plaque, who lives in Cavity Castle. Can anyone stop Prince Plaque and his Tartar Troopers from breaking down the teeth walls of the Pearly White City and destroying the Tooth-Making Factory?

Never fear—Sir Brushalot is here!

Find out what happens when Sir Brushalot (the Tooth Fairy’s brother), his horse DEN-TIST, and the Knights of Floss defend the Pearly White City against the evil Prince and his Troopers. This fun, award winning book is sure to encourage children of all ages to take good care of their teeth!

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Ian Wilms lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, with his wife and their three teenage children. He wrote Brushalot: The Tale of the Tooth Fairy when his son was concerned about giving his tooth to the Tooth Fairy. As a former IBMer and Military Officer, Ian was recognized as a hero making a difference by KINSA, the Kids’ Internet Safety Alliance. His work has been published in Vanguard magazine.


Ian Wilms
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