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Purpose driven life, Personal growth, Responsibility, LAPD, Human nature, Connectedness, Public service

Principals of Success for a Financial Services Professional by Stephen J. Nagy

Entering a career in Law Enforcement is a decision that is never made lightly. There are so many hazards out there to face. Dealing with people that really want to kill you is a thought that is always in the back of one’s mind. However, there are also some amazingly good things that come out of public service.

I had the opportunity to often see the best in people but also at times, some of the worst. The people skills that one develops in Law Enforcement are things that sticks with you forever. As many of my Police friends left the force, most went on to take their skills and apply them positively in other endeavors.

The discussions I have in this book examine some of the skills I learned and how I was able to implement them in a new career as a Financial Services Professional. It is my desire that you too will be able to take lessons learned in the vignettes portrayed in this publication.

Please read with an open mind. Look at some of the experiences that take place and think in terms of how these responses can be placed into your practices and personal lives. “Nine” is a work about life, love, and survival. Enjoy.


Stephen J. Nagy

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