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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

building self-esteem, using special gifts, facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, dealing with loneliness, making new friends, spending time with family

Nolan's Dream
by Janice Tingley

Nolan is adored by his family and full of joy at home, but one thing sets him apart from the rest of the children in his neighborhood: his misshapen hands.

The only places where he feels comfortable are the pool and a beautiful spot named Point Moon Ray.

Sean has so much trouble reading that he wants to drop out of school. His father, a fisherman, wants to help him but doesn’t know how.

When Nolan and Sean meet by chance, they succeed in teaching each other and their families that no matter what, life’s challenges need to be understood—not ignored—and can be overcome.

Nolan’s Dream is a charming story about the importance of perseverance in the lives of two children with different disabilities. Richly illustrated by the author, Nolan’s Dream blends the power of love and determination with the courage and optimism of children who are coping with “being different.” Readers of all ages will appreciate this tale about the search for friendship and acceptance by an author who knows firsthand what it means to “be different” in a world where being like everyone else usually means an easier transition from childhood to adolescence and beyond.

Janice Tingley grew up with two severe learning disabilities called dyscalculia and dyslexia. She yearned to be just like her well-educated and accomplished family members, but because of her disabilities, she was bullied, teased, and told that she would never be successful in life.

Nolan’s Dream is the fruit of Janice’s strong belief that anything is possible with faith, determination, and patience. She feels that if you devote enough time and energy, and if you refuse to be distracted and intimidated by limiting thoughts, you will surely make significant achievements and find personal fulfillment and happiness. Writing and illustrating are her passions, and her goal is to become a motivational speaker, role model, and mentor.

Nolan’s Dream is Janice’s first book.


Janice Tingley
Janice Ramos Tingley

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