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Children’s poetry, Rhyming poetry, Environmentalism, Animals, Magic, Imagination, Kindness to others

Oren's Gift
A Poem of Hope by Joanne Fortino

Oren is a young boy who is searching for a world of authenticity and good. He wants to restore humanity and feels that the way people treat one another is detrimental to the human spirit. He is beginning to lose hope and decides to take comfort in his blanket. He then goes to a magical forest, Emermarie, where he is greeted by a mountain bluebird, who turns his blanket into a magical cure for the entire world. The bluebird places ingredients in the blanket, then magically wraps the world so it has started anew. Oren realizes though, that the magical ingredients really don't have to be magic. They are ingredients that humans can and already hold within their spirit. Can human-kind continue to provide these ingredients after the world has started anew?

Joanne Fortino studied English Literature at McMaster University before beginning her teaching career. She has been teaching young children for

over fifteen years and she is also a mother of two children. Her love for reading literature to her own children and to her students along with her

passion for writing short stories and poems has led Joanne to create Oren’s Gift, a short poem with a strong message that can be read to all

ages. As a believer in the power of the human spirit and new beginnings, Joanne has written Oren’s Gift which is a poem that praises the importance

of the preservation of human dignity, individuality, and going back to simplicity.....starting over.


Joanne Fortino
Michael Fortino
Joanne Fortino

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