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Sci-fi Canada, Sci-fi novel, Sci-fi high tech, Sci-fi near future, Sci-fi espionage, Sci-fi aliens, Sci-fi paranormal

One Flew Over The Event Horizon
by Bernard G. Leblanc

While out prospecting in the Arctic one day, geologist and amateur paranormal investigator Charles Dufour encounters a strange phenomenon that shakes him to his core. In his quest for answers, he finds a dedicated partner and sponsor in René Poitras, a fellow geologist who made it big on his diamond claims and who now has his fingers in a plethora of top-secret business and research interests. Their investigation brings them face to face with a horrible epidemic originating in South America that causes its victims to spontaneously combust. The closer they get to solving that mystery—with the help of a beautiful young researcher named Margie from the non-governmental organization Médecins Sans Frontières—the more they realize they aren’t the only ones on the trail. Furthermore, they suspect there may be a link between the plague and what Charles experienced up north. Before they can solve that riddle, they find themselves on the run from government authorities in Canada and the US, not to mention a secret Nazi organization that may have been in existence since the end of World War II.

Packed with action and intrigue that takes readers across Canada and South America, to the moon, and through parallel timelines and universes, One Flew Over the Event Horizon is an ambitious novel with enormous scope that is certain to make you question everything you think you know.

Bernard G Leblanc is “way past middle age,” married, with grown-up children. This book is a compilation of writing and research he has done over the last twenty years. During that time, he was a businessman working in construction, mining, and transportation. Having been retired for a couple of years, he felt it was finally time to bring his story to fruition. His purpose in writing this novel is to take readers on a tangent away from the established theories and news stories of the day.


Bernard G. Leblanc

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