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Self Help, Influence, Business relations, Personal growth, Business strategies, Sales, Customer relations

Practical Influence
10 Positive Principles to help you increase your influence and build better relationships by R. Morris Sims

Think about the influence you have today. You significantly influence your spouse and your children. You influence your co-workers, peers, subordinates, and your boss. You can even influence others you meet for the very first time. Is it a good idea to make sure you are a good influence in all these lives? Would you like to become a more influential person; to have an impact on what other people think and choose to do? There are many ways you can do just that, and you can do it in a positive manner that brings good things for everyone involved. What we think about determines our beliefs, our beliefs drive our behavior, and our behavior drives others’ perception of us. And it’s others’ perception of us that determines what influence we can have with them. What we think about, we will become. In Practical Influence, R. Morris Sims introduces general principles of influence, which can be applied to any situation, as well as principles for business, and for families and personal relationships. Each chapter introduces specific concepts and learning points, and offers action assignments to put the theories into use. In breezy, cheerfully matter-of-fact, commonsense fashion, Sims teaches easily implementable skills and strategies to help readers make more positive impacts at home and at work.

Foreword by Tony Jeary - The RESULTS Guy ™

R. Morris Sims attained his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and started reading books about how to become successful in business. Soon, he found himself guided away from engineering, and toward sales and management. After two years of successful sales he was invited into management, and within the next several years he was promoted to an executive position. He soon became an assistant vice president, then corporate vice president, and finally Vice President and Chief Learning Officer for Sales. He went on to head a training department that trained 12,000 sales people and 1,000 managers. With his extensive studies, reading, writing, and a Masters of Science in Management, plus his thirty-plus years of experience in a highly successful business career, he has now distilled what he has learned into Practical Influence. After many years of braving the winters of the northeast, Morris and Carla, his wife, have now settled in Plano, Texas. You can find more from Morris at


R. Morris Sims

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