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Spy thriller, action and adventure, Chinese history, fiction, spy fiction, mystery, political thriller

The Deed
A Mac Daniels Novel by Gene Boffa

Great Britain is about to turn Hong Kong over to China until a rumor of the existence of a deed giving ownership of Hong Kong to the British. A rumor so convincing, the Chinese, determined not to lose Hong Kong, start a massive troop buildup. The British are determined to keep Hong Kong and are willing to defend their possession at all cost, even if it means World War III. Two very powerful men, with their own hidden agenda, have instigated the rumor. Lee Kem, the head of the Chinese internal security, and Eugene Charko, the head of the CIA’s special operations division, have deliberately misled their superiors and set in motion a nefarious plan surrounding the alleged deed. Mac Daniels has to sort it out. The more Mac investigates, the more he finds out that nothing is really what it seems to be. Sharing the penthouse suite with his former love, Astrid, he finds he’s falling for her again. However, in every step of the investigation, she seems to turn up where she doesn’t belong. Does she love him or is this her revenge? Mac has to sort it out, the turnover date is only days away.

"Gene Boffa's The Deed is that rarest of thrillers--a novel with both brains and heart that will keep your pulse pounding right up to the spell-binding end. A roller-coaster ride that you shouldn't miss." --Warren Murphy. Two-time Edgar Award Winner and New York Times best-selling author.

"The Deed is an intricate maze of twist and turns that will keep readers guessing right up until the last suspenseful page." --James Mullaney, author The New Destroyer.

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Gene Boffa has traveled the world and had his share of adventures. Like Mac Daniels, Gene is an expert marksman, loves flying and boating, but that’s where the similarities to Mac end. Gene is married to Patricia, an accomplished painter, sculptor, and lawyer. They live in the small town of Green Brook, New Jersey and have four grown children, who often bring the grandchildren by to enjoy their summerhouse at the Jersey Shore. When he is not writing, Gene is practicing law at Schumann Hanlon in New Jersey, where he is a partner specializing in transactional law.

Gene is hard at work on the third Mac Daniels installment.


Gene Boffa

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