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Art collection, Ontario artists, International artists, Wood carving, Wood sculpture, Wood painting, Home decor

Wooden Artistic Creations
by Konstantinos (Dean) Vathis

In today's world of plastic and mass-production, natural materials provide a cozy and homely feeling to any atmosphere. The images in this book will bring that sense of comfort to your home. Wooden artistic creations made by hand from various artists around the world show the great skill, time, and effort that was put into producing such beautiful art. This book is great for any occasion and sets a whimsical mood.

Konstantinos (Dean) Vathis photo

Konstantinos (Dean) Vathis was born in Ontario, Canada and has been interested in collecting one-of-a-kind wooden artistic creations for many years. Dean’s collection is now finished at the age of 39, and he has always wanted to share these great wooden treasures with you.


Konstantinos (Dean) Vathis

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