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Light of the Darkness
by Jasmine Bea

Light of the Darkness is the remarkable, adventure-packed story of a woman on a journey dimmed by shadows at every step. Already a survivor of a great deal when we meet her at the novel’s launch, Lux is a Lorean of mixed origins who is also a successful entrepreneur (with her sister, Noire). She is, too, a unique beauty who distinguishes herself from her remarkable peers through the legacy of unimaginable torture she’s endured at the hands of many, including the two men closest to her. A fierce combatant, Lux joins up with family and friends in pursuit of personal enlightenment, and comes to understand some painful truths about her past along the way. One of them is that strength comes in many forms. Sometimes, the waves of darkness that so regularly threaten to engulf Lux require unimaginable draws on courage; other times, it’s only a matter of her lobbing a show of her characteristic sass in their direction.

As a child, Jasmine Bea used to write short stories for her little sister to read. When she grew older, she began writing novels for this enthralled filial audience. Eventually, she invited friends and other family members to read her work. This first published novel is the next natural step for this new author, whose bookshelves bow under the weight of beloved novels by Nora Roberts, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter and Danielle Steele. From the start, Bea has been intrigued by monsters and the worlds they inhabit. Beauty and the Beast was a particular favourite. The idea of a monster falling in love with someone as pure and innocent as Beauty captivated her. That was the seed. Bea lives in Vancouver with her son. In addition to reading and writing, she enjoys sketching and painting.


Jasmine Bea

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