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Relationships, Poetic journey, Philosophy, Thoughts and feelings, Life and death, Nature, Environment

Encounter The Poet
by ardsley ames

Exposure to the complex structure of this new world of ways shows those who have peeked around corners observing a way more gently, gradually. Others of us have been thrust out in life swiftly, suddenly; feeling deserted in a dark room, alone. These feelings, growing up, of sadness or happiness can vacillate. There is time to search life and grasp an identity. Conflict, often masked with fear can be labeled by intimidation. No one wants to be lonely yet, discovery can show value, that sometimes, to be alone is good.

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Modeling in the New York and Atlanta world of fashion gave Ardsley experience to open her own modeling school in the mid 60's. Moving on, Ardsley was drawn to the world of Fine Art, worked as a Fine Art consultant. Later she opted to attend college until she obtained a Doctorate in Psychology. She has been a speaker, led seminars, and counseled individuals and families. Her luxuries of life now are her children's visits and the many days she spends writing, attempting to reach out to others. Ames was awarded the Georgia Southeastern Writers Conference Poetry Award 2015 and the Westhead Memorial Short Story Award 2017. SMOKE SIGNALS Newspaper prints monthly selection of her Poems.


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