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Mommy, Lifestyle, Girlfriend, Love, Relationships, Children, Dating

Life with Mommy... and her Girlfriend
by Noreen Spagnol

Sometimes life looks like this...

Everyone loves each other in this family. The book was illustrated by two young girls. It is an interactive story representing their viewpoint on what life looks like when their mommy is dating a woman. This book is intended to help teachers share details about diversity in families, as well as mothers assisting their children to understand and appreciate the relationship between their mother and her new girlfriend.

What does your family look like?

Noreen Spagnol is a proud mother of two incredible, talented daughters, named Hannah and Tayleigh. She is also an elementary French teacher and has been teaching for 12 years now. She has a degree in French and has studied Spanish, Italian, German and Latin at different points in her life. Studying languages is a passion for her. She is excited to work with her loving daughters and to get the chance to share details about diversity in the dating process through her writing.


Noreen Spagnol
Hannah Spagnol
Tayleigh Spagnol

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