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Fiction, Western Romance, Romance, suspense, crime thriller, drug cartels, rodeo

Horses Cry
by Tony May

This original story explodes around Southern Alberta cowboy Spud Murphy and his horse, Prairie Wind. Spud is a rodeo competitor in the Steer Wrestling event, his rodeo adventures have him participating in the Western Canadian and United States rodeo circuit where he meets and falls in love with Colorado cowgirl Isabella Canham who is a rodeo champion Barrel Racer and also a DEA agent involved in covert operations regarding illegal narcotics within the Canadian and United States rodeo circuit.

The story revolves around clandestine activities of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, (RCMP), in a joint operation with the Drug Enforcement Administration, (DEA), and Afghanistan Special Forces veterans of the Canadian & United States military forces as they join ranks to eliminate the illegal drug cartels activities within the North American Rodeo circuit.

Horses Cry, a tragic love story involving drug smuggling, assassinations, and rodeo competition adventure.

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Author Tony May spent the early years of his career as a fabricator/ welder in the oil and gas industry working on worldwide offshore and onshore drilling rigs, resulting in his first novel, Rig Pigs. Graduating with a degree in welding engineering in the early 1980’s, he then entered the construction industry. Tony spent several years working in Thailand, experiencing a tangled web of deceit which spawned his second novel titled, Codename Dredge. In 1991, he re-entered the oil and gas industry managing steel fabrication facilities in several countries including Indonesia, Thailand and Kuwait at the conclusion of the 1991 Gulf War which led him to pen Smoke in the Wind, which is fiction based on his oilfield experiences and encompasses Alaska, Sumatra, Indonesia, and the Kuwait oil well fires project. Tony grew up on a farm learning to ride horses at a very early age out of which grew a passion for rodeo. Tony’s latest novel, Horses Cry, tells of an exciting rodeo love story of cowboy Steer Wrestling and cowgirl rodeo Barrel Racing intertwined with illegal drug smuggling within the rodeo circuit, assassinations and rodeo excitement.


Tony May

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