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Scripture, Sower, Evangelistic calling, Ministry, Inner ministry, Shallowmites, Roadside intellectuals

Behold The Sower
How You Can Get Here From There. A Biblical Journey of Christianity, Evangelism & Discipleship by Dave Rutheaford

Behold the Sower is a personal journey that began in the late 70’s as a meditation on the parable of the sower as found in (Matthew 13:3-8). Focusing primarily on the three words of the parable—"Behold the sower." If taken seriously, this table-talk journey will guide us into a balanced, deeper, more meaningful and intimate walk with the Lord Jesus, all while occasionally interjecting some humor along the way.

Behold the Sower seeks to break us out of our rut. I believe it was Chuck Swindoll who said, a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out! We’ll get to defy the same old, same old status quo of the hum-drum church and maybe even wake a few folks up in the process. God doesn’t need to grow, develop or change. He alone is God almighty, the same yesterday, today and forever! We, on the other hand, must grow, develop and allow change if we’re going to be conforming to His image and be relevant in today’s society.

I hope you come to a point where you feel as if we are simply conversing with one another about the sower. It is my heartfelt desire to connect with you and develop together into the mature man or woman of God that He wants us to be.

At the end of each chapter of the journey you’ll find 2-3 pages have been left blank to make it appear to have more pages, so you feel the cost of the book is justifed. Just kidding! The blank pages are actually there for you. This easily affords you the opportunity to journal—to include your thoughts, comments, cross-references, doodles, impressions and really make it your own. I can’t wait to get started!

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Dave Rutheaford is a Reformed Christian American who grew up in S.E. Denver and Aurora, CO. He joined the U.S. Navy at age 17 and served for the next 20 years most of which was spent between sea and shore duties in Norfolk, VA. Dave has three grown children, Heather, Carl and Adam and he currently lives in a rural area of Russellville, Kentucky.

Dave has a rich sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. He has an easy way of writing, and the ability to make people really think about what he has to say. He loves to teach and share the things God has shown him in His Word with fellow believers. He loves talking with total strangers about God and His love for us, and is often scheming on ways to introduce the Lord into a normal conversation that meets people where they are. He also loves watching God demonstrate the truth and power of His Word in everyday life.


Dave Rutheaford

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