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Scull Volume 2
by Jason Murray

Torn from home, Kyra, a young farm girl, heads for the only place she has left, Cobblestone Crossing, where she hopes to get help from her dear friend, Tummus. She is accompanied by her titanic new ally, Stompy, who is seemingly made from the earth itself. But Kyra discovers that not even Cobblestone Crossing can offer the safety she seeks, and she has no choice but to keep moving and aid Stompy in his mission, even though she has no idea what his ultimate objective might be. Neither of them realizes a silent stalker is dogging their every step.

Separated from Kyra by over a century and unknown to her, even though they share a common goal, Scull is forced into combat with a ruthless soldier named Vandal. With their run-and-gun fight tearing through an alien vessel, Scull and Vandal cause an unstoppable streak of destruction. Led by the scientist Dientose, the aliens hatch a plan to destroy the battling duo before they take the entire ship down. Once the aliens funnel the two combatants into the shuttle bay, the trap is sprung . . .

Across the vastness of space and time, both Kyra and Scull must fulfill their mission, or soon there will be nothing left of the universe to save.

Jason Murray has been an artist from a young age and draws inspiration from a wide range of styles and sources. Scull is his first graphic novel project and has been a passionate journey for two decades. More of his work is available online at


Jason Murray

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