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Bicycle, Calgary, Winter, Snow removal, Project design, Do it yourself, Bike path.

Bicycle Snowplow!
Why and How to Plow Pathways
by David G. Coldwell

A New Kind of Cycling Advocacy.

In Calgary Alberta, bicycle snowplowing was born at a time when pathways weren't plowed at all. Early snowplowing pioneers convinced City Hall that pathways needed to be plowed, not just for cyclists and pedestrians, but for the blind as well. In 2014, the City of Calgary did not have plans for plowing a newly constructed pathway. Could bicycle snowplows keep a four kilometre pathway open all winter? The Internet had just one website on how to make snowplows for cycling and walking. The Winter Experiment to design the largest bicycle snowplow revealed more answers than questions. Bicycle Snowplow!: Why and How to Plow Pathways, explores a combination of strategy and innovation to bridge the gap from winter bicycle training to cycling advocacy. This journey into an unknown and developing technology utilizes the potential of the bicycle to serve local communities and cities.

Thanks for making our city better for everyone in winter... Tom Babin, Calgary Herald

David Coldwell is the winner of the 2015 Calgary Commuter of the Year Award and the 2016 second place recipient. David has appeared in articles by Tom Babin of the Calgary Herald as an expert on home-made bicycle snowplows. David pulls 2 foot and 5 foot wide bicycle snowplows and keeps the pathway to the Calgary International Airport open all winter. On twitter as the # BicycleSnowPlow (@yycfoldingcycle), David advises commuters of the winter condition of the pathway and promotes Bicycle Snowplowing as a new winter sport.


David G. Coldwell

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