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Leadership, Self Awareness, Education, Experience and memories, Personal growth, Spirituality, Love.

Live to Lead
The Missing Link in Leadership Development by Wayne Stewart

A deep self awareness is essential for the best life. Those who are fully human, who are confident in knowing who they truly are, are then and only then fully equipped to lead.

Self Awareness is the missing link in leadership development.

Herein, Wayne Stewart shares insights gained from a lifetime search for an answer to the “who am I?” question. Included are a number of ways to approach the question and paths to the answer, lessons for anyone interested in discovering meaning and purpose and in pursuing a leadership role at a time of such need.

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Wayne Stewart was born a farm boy with hay fever. His private sector career spanned 27 years throughout which he strived to build a sense of community in the workplace.

In 1991, Wayne began a second career in the nonprofit sector. He has served as the senior executive of three charities and as volunteer consultant and board member of many more. He has taught grammar school chemistry in England, leadership to MBA students at the University of Alberta, environmental studies to medical practitioners in Uganda and story telling to nonprofit studies students at Mount Royal University in Calgary. A strong desire to serve led him into electoral politics on two occasions.

Throughout his life, he has continually asked himself the important life question- “who am I?” and has helped many others with their own search. A life long learner, Wayne has degrees in engineering, political science, religious studies and philosophy and an MBA. He has learned from and been inspired by many friends and mentors notably Dr. Grant MacEwan.

His vocation is giving voice to those who are not heard. His joy and reward comes from those who seek his counsel and support.

He has been happily married to his best friend and constant source of wisdom, Martha Stewart, for over 51 years. Born near Dungannon, Ontario, he lives in Calgary, Alberta.


Wayne Stewart

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