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romance, relationships, fiction, family, Edmonton, contemporary romance, suspense

Finding Eve
by Stefana Mocanu

In the spring of 1983, Eve met and fell in love with the man she expected to spend the rest of her life with. Fast forward to 1993 and Eve Nelson is a widow and single mother. Still grieving the loss of her beloved husband following a violent bank robbery, Eve is also grieving the subsequent death of her newborn baby. And then one cold February day, Adam Carry comes into her life when he shows up to take her son Anthony to hockey practice. Eve finds his flirtatious behaviour annoying and inappropriate, especially since she believes him a married dad. In fact, separated from his wife, childless Adam is impatient for his divorce to become final. Adam sees Eve and is smitten with her. The feeling is not reciprocal. But, she finds her heart warming to this man who clearly loves her and Anthony. Meanwhile, vindictive, conniving Alicia will stop at nothing to prevent Adam from finding happiness. When she ultimately drives Eve and Adam apart, Eve is convinced Adam is the twisted person Alicia described him to be. Devastated, Eve flees to her native Australia, believing Adam will never find her there. Carrying a secret within her and desperate to find a solution, she hastily marries an old flame. Only when things turn perilous Eve and Adam meet again. Finding Eve was one thing. Claiming love back is something else. Are Eve and Adam destined to live separate lives, or will fate intervene to bring them back together?

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Stefana Mocanu has called Edmonton home since 1989. She and her husband raised three children there and are now proud grandparents of two. Stefana is also a medical secretary. Stefana lost her father when she was a young child. He would sing the praises of his little girl’s special love for books. She believes her father predicted that one day she would write books not only read them.


Stefana Mocanu

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