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Afterlife, Universes, Space Travel, Human Inhabited Planets, Human Life, Earth’s Population, Atlantis

Atlantis Inbound
by B. L. Provincial

Atlantis Inbound is the story of Sam and Donna White, a happily retired couple whose worlds and beliefs are turned upside down amidst end-of-life events. Their tale of love, loss, despair, and revelation begins in our world and moves to one connected to—but beyond—our own. Sam and Donna’s journey holds many surprises and tests of will as they transition from the everyday concerns of their earthly lives to a deep involvement in a longstanding quest to alter the fate of the entire population of the earth. Will Sam and Donna be able to come to terms with their newly discovered roles and succeed in their mission of saving humanity from itself? Will they be able to call upon earth’s most powerful shadowy figures and come up with a strategy to accomplish their mission before it’s too late?

With its broad and colourful range of topics, from friendship to politics to the afterlife, science fiction fans of any age will be drawn to the vibrant world of Atlantis Inbound.

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B.L. Provincial was born in 1954, in Sudbury, Ontario. He grew up in a family of eight, where hand-me-downs, love, and family values were a way of life. Though he wanted to write for as long as he can remember, life got in the way and he has only now had the time to begin fulfilling this desire. Never unemployed in over forty-three years, with occupations ranging from pot washer and truck driver to industrial millwright and maintenance supervisor, the author retired last year. Along with writing, he maintains a sense of accomplishment by working with wood and making things from scratch. He also tinkers at golf.

The author lives with his wife, Lesley—a strong-willed lady with a heart of gold—and his stepdaughter, Tisha, in a small retirement community near several beautiful lakes in southern Ontario. He is the proud father of four children (including Tisha), who have enriched his life immensely. The newest member of his family, a golden retriever puppy named Corbin, has spent many hours lying patiently by the author’s side, waiting for him to stop writing.


B. L. Provincial

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