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  • 60 pages
  • Black & White
  • 5.5 x 8.5 inches
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  • 978-1-4602-8944-0 Hardcover
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Environmental, Inspirational, Social connections, Healthy lifestyle, Social activism, Nature, Empowerment

I Feel Time's Tide
One little drop of color can hit the core by Shahanaz Hoque (Nipu)

“Time and tide wait for none, the wind blowing without showing, time flying without knowing …”

Life flows by in a rush, fresh breezes blowing without obstacle, society developing at its own speed. Strong power forces us in. Massive waves push us out. We can go with this flow, rushing headlong into a world of imbalance, or we can twist away, break up, pick up, swim to freedom and fight for a better world. I Feel Time’s Tide reminds us to live with integrity. Through our efforts, we can heal our world, empower ourselves and light up the earth for generation after generation. One drop of colour can change an entire glass of water—working together, we can colour an ocean.

Shahanaz Hoque (Nipu) photo

Poet, teacher, mother and musician, Shahanaz Hoque was born into a political family in Bangladesh (her father was a member of parliament in Pakistan) and immigrated to Canada as a young woman. She feels life is like a seasonal plant: whatever is beautiful will grow generation after generation. So Shahanaz felt the urge to put pen to paper and express her emotions and ideas in poetic form. This is her first creation as a poem book (I feel time’s tide). For the author, poetry and music are one whole package, a one two three melody in an international language that helps us keep a sweet rhythmic connection with each other and world.


Shahanaz Hoque (Nipu)

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