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Christianity, faith, abuse, family, healing, spirituality, depression

In the face of unthinkable abuse, healing and restoration become equally unimaginable. Hidden scars impact emotional development, and horrific memories pave a path to depression and despondency. As Fabiola Manyi-Orellana declares in Bound By Hurt, however, hope can be found in Jesus Christ, God’s great gift of love to the world.

Born in communist Romania, Fabiola suffered repeated sexual abuse from a young age until she moved with her family to the United States. Although miles away from her abuser, she carried the wounds of her past and soon found herself skipping school and self-medicating with alcohol and drugs. Through a series of traumatic experiences, Fabiola came face to face with God’s love for her—a love she’d rejected for years. Now on a mission to share this love with other victims of abuse, Fabiola prays that Bound By Hurt will be a blessing to many.

Matthew 9:21 For she said to herself, "If only I may touch His garment, I shall be made well."

If you dare to believe, He can heal you too. I never believed that there will come a day where I could say He healed me until I came face to face with the Lord just like this woman in the book of Matthew did. When I saw a shining blinding light and then feet appeared, I thought I was just seeing things. Deep inside, something told me that if I tried hard to reach out, I would be able to touch the feet. I started telling myself "I know that if I touch at least a toe, something amazing will happen." When I finally reached and touched the tip of the big toe it's when my life completely changed and went from bondage to freedom. I was healed.

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Born in Romania and raised in Queens, New York, Fabiola Manyi-Orellana grew up being told that family should always stick together and be there for each other. Now married with three children, she is passionate about her family and loves nothing more than spending time with them.

Fabiola works as a youth pastor and social worker, with her husband, of the English congregation of their Hispanic church. In her ministry role and through this, her first book, she seeks to faithfully proclaim God’s mercy and grace. She and her husband live in Muscatine, Iowa.


Fabiola Manyi-Orellana

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