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Wee Folk, Fairy Tale, Fairy Doors, Fairy Gardens, Port Rowan, Port Dover, Pixies

Wee Winnie's Adventure
by Nana K

Perhaps you have heard of pixies, fairies or gnomes and you may or may not believe. Share Nana K’s story of the Wee Folk of Norfolk and you decide just who may be living behind those little doors. Take a tour of Port Rowan with Wee Winnie and discover the Wee Folk of Norfolk’s magic doors hidden in the town shops. Follow Winnie as she searches for her own special door. Look carefully, the doors can come and go as the Wee Folk decide. With the many doors in town and in Nana’s gardens there are sure to be more adventures to follow as Nana discovers who may be living inside.

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Renovating the circa 1877 farmhouse, Palm Trees and Polar Bears Bed & Breakfast was a labour of love for Nana and Papa K. Always the perfectionist Papa didn’t miss the first addition of a wee door in the newly completed hallway. Nana K is always telling Papa she is not messy just very creative. From her very creative workshop where she makes the wee doors came the magical tale of the wee folk. Nana loves to read, telling stories with her two girls growing up and now sharing stories with her grandchildren. Nana and Papa K live with Casey at the B&B where you can explore the Wee Folk Gardens and create your own wee door in the Art Barn. Come visit and stay in Port Rowan, Ontario’s best kept secret.


Nana K

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