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extraordinary science, devil's advocate, Occult Chemistry, Extra-Sensory Perception of Quarks, atoms, Stephen Phillips, Besant and Leadbeater

Taking into Account the Extraordinary
by Ronald D. Cowen

Extraordinary science, according to Thomas Kuhn, is about the unexpected in science. While it eventually generates a new paradigm, it often starts out with an unexplained fact. The problem for the scientific community is how to deal with unexpected facts in a truly scientific manner. Sometimes we have to wait for a genius to come along and fix the problem. This book is about an extraordinary fact established by Stephen Phillips about a correlation between known facts about the elements of the periodic table and the clairvoyant observations made by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater who claimed to be able to “see” atoms. You are not asked to believe this seemingly bizarre fact. No. Instead, you are asked consider how the scientific community should deal with it. Obviously, the correlation should be examined to see if it is reasonable. You can do that by reading Phillips’ book. But what if the correlation turns out to be “reasonable?” What then? Do we take a “what-if-it-is-true” approach and look for more evidence that it is valid or invalid? Do we look at the paradigm suggested by Phillips? You decide and post your answer on my blog, if you wish.

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Ronald Cowen has practiced mindfulness meditation for 50 years and has a BEd in mathematics and physics. He is keenly interested in understanding Buddhist meditation from a Western scientific point of view. Cowen has found a western understanding of meditation is possible, but only with the introduction of a profound paradigm shift in western science presents itself.

Taking into Account the Extraordinary is about one of these paradigm shifts.


Ronald D. Cowen

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