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domestic abuse, abusive relationship, husband, wife, addiction, murder, money

Tap Dancing On Quicksand
by Killarney Greene

In The Beginning, Jessica’s marriage to handsome hotelier Julian Bothwell reads like a romance novel. However, Jessica’s marital bliss soon begins to unravel as she realizes she has married not only into money, but mayhem, madness, and perhaps murder as well. Desperate to save her marriage and the life she has built for her young son, Jessica becomes the keeper of things she dare not say out loud, not even to her closest confidante and friend or her therapist. As she frantically careens from one stopgap measure to another, Jessica finds herself turning to a coping mechanism that, to her dismay, proves not only futile but also perilous. A combination of romance, intense suspense, and an examination of the darker side of human nature, Tap Dancing on Quicksand is not a book for the fainthearted. It examines issues that women have faced for centuries – loving too much, spousal and child abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction, family secrets, and dysfunction. It is a book about a woman for whom being in love becomes synonymous with being in terror. Tap Dancing on Quicksand will keep you guessing until the last page.

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"Tap Dancing on Quicksand" is Killarney Greene’s first novel, although she has been composing stories since she was old enough to write. In speaking about the birth of this novel, Killarney Greene notes it grew organically from her experiences and imagination. “My inspiration came from the universe, and many times when I started my morning writing, I had no idea what would happen by midnight. Every day, new ideas tumbled onto the computer keys. Characters appeared as if from nowhere. They blossomed and bloomed, argued, fought, loved, hated, and sometimes triumphed.” Killarney Greene lives in a small town in the middle of the Canadian Rockies. There she reads, walks, bikes, studies university courses, and contemplates worldly matters in the serenity of her surroundings. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family and, of course, writing. Killarney Greene is working hard on her next book, which her fans will be delighted to learn is almost complete.


Killarney Greene

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