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First World War, Second World War, South West Africa, Cape Town, The Jews, Nazi Germany, USA.

Son of Six Brothers
by Gert Wolfsohn

Gert Wolfsohn, born in Windhoek now Namibia, in 1924, was the only child of wonderful parents who, I know, did not have a happy marriage but stuck it out as best they could though the ups and downs of life to give me, their son, the very best start in my life that they could. As I grew older I felt very deeply about that and my own aim in life was to be lucky enough to find a wife that I could love, respect and lean on at all times and who would love me.

Although I got to know my Little girl when she was 6 years of age there was friendship but nothing more, I well remember her pushing her little blue dolls pram around her garden while we boys climbed the bordering trees ignoring her pleas to join us. Young boys just had to show off even at 9 years of age.

You will read about what happened in my later life in this, my book of my life’s memories.

I am very, very proud of my own family whose love and togetherness has held us together so wonderfully well over so many years. I was fortunate to achieve the love in marriage that my parents did not have.

My deep respect and thanks to my air force buddies who gave us all the courage to stick together through both the horrors and the few good times of WW2. WE “carried ‘each other always, with a deep companionship using the skills that our instructors had drilled into each of us.


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A single child from six married brothers has always had me curious, until eventually I wrote what I remembered of the stories I was told about my fore fathers. I wanted to keep that story alive for my two daughters and for their children and future generations of my family.

My air force service starting with flying at age 18 made a great impression on my growing up. I like so many others , was literally shot into adulthood by my wartime experiences . The comradeship we developed bound us together into a brotherhood civilian life worldwide would do well to copy and practice.

My rewards in peace after the war were the true highlights of my life – my success courting my choice of girl, my 66 years of happy marriage, our two lovely daughters and the joy a hard working life brings . .

I hope that you the reader will enjoy reading my life story as much as i do living it.

Sincerely Gert Wolfsohn


Gert Wolfsohn

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