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Promo Monkey: My Life as a BellHop in the Waldorf Hysteria
Friends and Enemas
by RayMan Ramsay

“…to the Creative Spirit that let me in, and to all my Music Buds who took the journey back then, and by guile, gall, hand, heart, and mind, sound or otherwise, had the will, persistence, tenacity, and desire to succeed back when it was still fun, yeah.”

Promo Monkey: My Life as a BellHop in the Waldorf Hysteria is written in the key of R2 major. This alphabetical encyclopedia is a reflection on the real experiences and impressions of RayMan Ramsay during his career as Promo Rep/Manager at Quality Records/TPC Distribution and RCA/BMG Canada/Vancouver. Though he may take some flak for the way he portrays history, he has chosen to err on the side of passion rather than caution, and damn the tomatoes!

Funny, clever, and entertaining, this book takes an in-depth and intimate look at the “Biz.” Because it’s always about the music. Always.

RayMan Ramsay photo

Rayman Ramsay has had no formal education to prepare him to write a book, but he did graduate from the School of Hard Knocks, Magnum Cum Louder. In that way he’s the pre-eminent scholar on the material of this encyclopedia. He lived it, learned it, breathed it, and loved it. And he managed to avoid annoying questions like, “But what makes you qualified?” for all of his life.

Ramsay is WRockin' the WRock in 'Pinch-Toe Corner,' in White Rock, B.C., with his lovely and much put-upon keeper wife, Lynne. They’re also a stone’s throw from the border of Washington State, which accounts for all the broken windows.


RayMan Ramsay

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