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boy/girl relationships, dating advice, understanding girls, respecting yourself, before the first kiss, being yourself, writing assignment

So You Wanna Kiss a Girl...
by Chris Gaucher

Liam is your typical whimsical, random, twelve-year-old boy. He likes music, video games, hanging out with his friends… and girls. His concerned mom wants to be sure he is prepared for this new stage of his life so she assigns him a task that makes doing dishes seem like a walk in the park: In exchange for screen time, Liam has to write a book about boy/girl relationships! His mom plans on giving him a weekly lesson about girls over the 10 weeks of summer vacation. He has to turn those lessons into 10 chapters that will help boys make sense of the confusing world of girls. What choice does poor Liam have? Of course, nothing ever goes as planned. By the time his book is actually finished, more than a year has passed and Liam has learned a thing or two about girls all on his own. With all the wry humour and often sarcastic wit of a teenage boy, So You Wanna Kiss a Girl will educate its young male readers even as it entertains.

Liam’s perspective on boy-girl relationships is witty but informed. Boys, your concerned parents will want you to read this book and you should! There is some serious stuff here, but Liam will make you laugh as you gain valuable insight into those mysterious creatures known as girls.

-L. Colasacco, teacher-librarian

Chris Gaucher was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and currently lives in Victoria, BC. She is a writer who holds degrees in both psychology and dentistry. Chris started writing this book when her son was 11. She wanted to find a way to educate him about the often confusing world of boy/girl relationships in a way that he would be receptive to. Along the way she decided she would try to reach a wider audience.


Chris Gaucher

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