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Lions Gate Bridge, Peter Buckland, Buckland and Taylor, bridge engineering, Whoi Whoi, Stanley Park, First Nations

Secrets of the Span
Lions Gate Renewed
by Lilia D'Acres

Lilia D'Acres, Lieutenant Governor Award's winner for 'Lions Gate' has written the second story of the bridge, highlighting the dishonouring of First Nations in the building process. The Lions Gate bridge refurbishment remains a world feat in Engineering. The brain child of Buckland and Taylor it extended bridge life and innovated bridge design.

A story of intelligence and imagination it honours the First Nations and the first class engineers.

Lilia D'Acres is an award winning author of 'Lions Gate'. She has taught Writing and Literature committing herself to the literary arts. She founded the George Woodcock Centre for the Arts and Intellectual Freedom Fund, endowed at the UBC Library.


Lilia D'Acres

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