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Origin of Humanity, Theories of Existence, Time and Space, Physics, Design of the Universe, Scientific Concepts, New Scientific Theories

How We Got Here
The Translation
by David S Spencer

Have you ever wondered how the universe was created and just what the space around you is made up of? Do you ponder about time—about what it is and how it works? Do the effects of

Einstein’s theory of relativity intrigue you? Would you like to better understand the properties of light—what it’s made of and how it travels?

In a new quest to understand these questions and many more, author David Spencer takes an intellectual journey to discover new insight that could change how we see the world around us and alter our perception of the universe as a whole. It’s a quest that will reveal new knowledge, answer age-old questions, and bring to light new ideas that challenge and seek to revolutionize conventional scientific ideas. If you’re looking to expand your mind and better understand how your universe functions and communicates, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the pages of this book.

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An electrical technician and engineer, David Spencer has been fascinated with how the universe works for decades. He spends much of his free time researching the subject and is certain that the truths he reveals within the pages of his book are correct and indisputable. He lives on a ranch in beautiful northern Ohio with his small dog. In his spare time, he attempts to play guitar and likes to spend time reading and watching science fiction movies. How We Got Here is his first book.


David S Spencer

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