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fiction, murder mystery, crime, corruption, detective story, amateur detectives, women sleuths

The Lizard Ladies
by CK Mattson

Carla Carson, librarian at a small town college, gets caught up in mayhem and murder. When the pace of academic life is interrupted by the presence of a mysterious stranger, Carla and her friends are determined to figure out why he is here. Carla’s niece Calysa has started a band. The appearance of the sister of one Carla’s niece’s band mates starts a series of events that culminate in murder. At the heart the murder is a young girl being hunted by someone evil. Despite her need for protection the girl seems unable or unwilling to be truthful. Carla and her friends have to decide whether to help this girl after it becomes apparent that they can’t trust anyone, not even the police. With grace and humor they manage to investigate the crime but will it cost them everything?

The author is a Psychiatric Nurse in Wichita Kansas. She lives in Sedgwick Kansas with her husband and two cats. This first book in her Lizard Ladies Detective Agency is her entry into the writing world.


CK Mattson

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