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Picture book, children, animals, relationships, grandparents, activities, siblings

Mud Pies: An Afternoon at Nana's
by Janet Kennedy Kiefer

Do you like to go to your Nana’s house to play?

Sometimes when you are at Nana’s, do you get into mischief?

Who likes to get muddy?

Who likes sweet treats?

You better get to reading “Mud Pies: An Afternoon at Nana’s” to see what mischief these children get into!


Janet Kennedy Kiefer photo

Janet Kennedy Kiefer lives in Chandler, Arizona. Janet is a retired Special Education teacher. She taught for forty-two years concentrating on Early Childhood Education. Although this was Janet’s passion she served children from birth through high school over the course of her career.

Wife, mother, and grandmother, Janet brings a wealth of real world experiences to her storytelling. One of her fond memories is of making mud pies and trying to serve them to her father. Janet loves playing with her granddaughters and making them smile. She can’t wait to have a mud pie afternoon at her house. All the children in Janet’s life have inspired her work as an author.


Janet Kennedy Kiefer
Alma Alvarez-Smith
Bonnie Lemaire

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