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Gracie the Cook Saves the Day cover

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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

bedtime stories, fairy tales, nighttime stories, happily ever after, laughing at one’s mistakes, doing your job well, making a mess in the kitchen

Gracie the Cook Saves the Day
for Burnt King Jack by Grandma Tea

Did you know that you can stop a painful burn from hurting with water and sugar? Join us as the king learns a funny, if temporarily painful lesson from the wise old cooking lady. All is forgiven as they share a wild incident, have a good laugh, work together and share a meal!

"Grandma Tea’s 'Gracie the Cook' takes children (and adults too!) on an adventure of discovery. The story is charming and beautifully illustrated, but purposely leaves unanswered questions. The Discussion Points that are included with the story then guide the child to possible answers by suggesting that s/he Google certain words, thus initiating a treasure hunt of ideas, sounds, and pictures. One result will be that children learn to use and enjoy the internet for learning rather than for entertainment. Even better is the non-preachy teaching of moral/ethical standards such as understanding and forgiveness."

Amy S Anderson, PhD

Professor of Greek and New Testament

The Institute of Biblical and Theological Studies


Great job, "Grandma Tea" have truly captured the heart of all, from a young child to a hard worker, to a kindly King and portrayed the fact that anyone can make a mistake, and that all can be forgiven!

Marilee, former owner of Higher Ground Christian book store

This is an absolutely delightful children's story with some fun teaching moments and a valuable lesson on forgiveness. Enjoy! 

Rev. Fr. Scott McCaig,CC 

General Superior 

Companions of the Cross 

Grandma Tea has a way of taking simple truths and applying them to real life situations. 

Find out how forgiveness is learned through an unexpected accident in the kitchen.

Pastor Joe Orr

Grandma Tea is a grandmother of nine lovely boys and girls, who love her cooking, especially when combined with lively stories.


Grandma Tea
Bonnie Lamare

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