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Camping, bear, berry picking, lost in the woods, Candace and Amber, Michael and Nathan, Smarty

Fear in the Forest
by Faye Somers

Fourteen-year-old cousins, Candace and Amber, share a Dene heritage but have lived very different lives.

While Candace was raised in the North, following the northern traditions with her close-knit family and community, Amber grew up in Edmonton (far away from her northern family), hanging out in malls and liking her life there. Now that her family has moved back to the North, it is up to Candace to help her adjust…and to survive.

When a family camping trip goes horribly wrong and two little girls in their care go missing, Amber will have to rely on Candace’s skill and ‘inner-knowing’ if she hopes to survive a stormy night, in a dark spruce forest, being stalked by a hungry bear!

During her many years as a teacher, Faye Somers enjoyed teaching children of Dene, Metis, and Cree heritage, as well as non-aboriginal children, and learned from all of them. She feels privileged to have cared for several awesome young people in her own home over the years.

Inspired by these amazing people, her goal was to create a story that better reflects their existence than much of the literature available to them, to which their young people will be able to relate.

Faye lives in the town of Swan River, with her husband Bob Lawton, where she enjoys working with wood that has been shaped by nature in interesting ways and incorporating stained glass to create sculptures.


Faye Somers
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