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Community Development, Advanced Technology, International Conflict, Innovation, Political, World Geopolitics, Environmental

Part 1: The Pioneer Generation
The Eden Democratic Kingdom
by Michel Pelletier

Theophilus’ Bible Commentary Author returns in an entirely different style. This action-packed fiction may perhaps be worthy of movie producers’ attention.

The story takes place in the mid-twenty-first century. It follows a series of worldwide crises that lead to the creation of a group of Island over the Atlantic ridge. A unique tax-free social system has been brought to reality within the boundaries of that new colony.

The book is suitable for most age groups. Romance, suspense, and science-fiction fans should enjoy. Environmentalists should find enough material to satisfy them. Christian values, legal, political, and social issues are also brought forward.

‘THE EDEN DEMOCRATIC KINGDOM: The Pioneer Generation’ is the first of this science-fiction trilogy. ‘THE EDEN DEMOCRATIC KINGDOM: Project New Hope’ will enter the world of androids and the discovery of a new source of energy. In ‘THE EDEN DEMOCRATIC KINGDOM: Survival’, humanity will pack their bags and move to outer space.

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Born in 1953, this French Canadian author comes from Drummondville, QC, Canada. In 1985, he acquired his Bachelor’s degree in human relations. He specialized in sociology readings of human organizations, mainly among closed institutions specialized in adult criminology and juvenile delinquency. Retired since 2009 from his thirty-five-year career within the Federal Public Services, the author enjoys writing conceptual models which may be linked to his professional background.


Michel Pelletier

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