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Figure Skating, Dance, Performing Arts, Ballet, Biography &Autobiography, Show Business, Choreography

A Nobody's Dream ... Came True
by Gordon Crossland

When Gordon Crossland was growing up in the 1940’s in Orillia, Ontario, the town was not about to embrace a boy wanting to be a figure skater or ballet dancer. Male figure skaters were so rare that boys’ figures skates were hard to come by. However, Gordon had a dream and luckily, he also had supportive parents who would dye girls’ skates black for him. All he had to do was learn to skate faster than the bullies who tried to trip him on the ice. From these humble beginnings, Gordon, an ever-evolving, passionately committed artist became a top skater with the Ice Follies. He transitioned into highly successful careers of dancing with the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera Ballet Companies in England, as well as choreographing and skating in popular productions world–wide. It’s a journey spotted with moments of hilarity, high drama and occasional deep sorrow. A Nobody’s Dream Came True is a case study of a life in the Arts. It makes no attempt to sugar-coat the demands, difficulties and disappointments…. while fully revelling in the joys and deep fulfillment achieved through perseverance. Gordon’s story captures his dreams and gives readers profound insight into artistic temperament and the ever-burning passion that fuel’s artists’ choices.

Now entering the ninth decade of his life, Gordon Crossland is a Canadian national treasure. His skating, dancing, and choreography career has taken him all over the world. For this he thanks his parents, who were always great sounding boards and helped him to develop confidence. Gordon also acknowledges the many athletes, celebrities, and teachers who were more than generous with their time and guidance throughout the years. Additionally, he is eternally thankful for the audiences who supported him throughout his long career. He has written this book to inspire anyone who has a dream to follow it. Gordon now lives in London, Ontario with his partner of many years, Doug Chamberlain.


Gordon Crossland
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