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Captain, lightning, blood, pirate, treasure, gold, adventure

Captain Wilder Part Three
The Red Pirate's Revenge
by T.D. Pierce

It's a showdown on the high seas as the electrified explorer James Wilder stands once and for all against his nemesis, the red pirate Olaf Riddeck. Join James and his companions as they race across the globe to locate the scattered deposits of a treasure that holds unlimited power. With Riddeck in equal pursuit, It's up to James to stop him from attaining the whole of the treasure and destroying the world with the gold's devastating curse.

Facing fantastic obstacles along the way, both sides must face the perils of bizarre jungles, white squalls and monsters galore!

The anchor lifts, and adventure awaits!

The Red Pirate's Revenge is the third chapter in the Captain Wilder trilogy!

T.D Pierce is a Canadian author with a passion for the wild world. She currently resides in Calgary, Alberta.


T.D. Pierce

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