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  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Weather Dragons, Teeny Tiny Frob, Snogwash, snowflakes, winter, courage, friendship

Teeny Tiny Frob
by Wally Felts

There’s no snow on the ground and the weather dragons of Fable Forest are worried. Teeny Tiny Frob is very small and very

frightened. But she doesn’t yet know she’s also very brave and determined. Will she be able to find Snogwash and bring back

the snow? This heartwarming tale of friendship and courage unfolds in rhyming couplets accompanied by the author’s vibrant


Wally lives some place far away with a flight of dragons with his loveable family. He trained as an animator before accidentally becoming a primary school teacher, his occupation for the last twelve years. He writes stories and play scripts for children and

enjoys hunting rainbows. In his spare time Wally collects clouds and invents more complicated ways of doing simple things. He likes all the colours, even beige and the taste of fresh fried eggs.


Wally Felts

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